1. To develop an integrated platform of proteomic data resources enabled as Grid and Web services for the storage, dissemination and management of proteomic data, using existing standards from proteomics, bioinformatics and e-Science.
  2. To produce appropriate middleware technologies to bring existing proteome-related databases into the integrated proteome platform, enabling them as Grid and/or Web services.
  3. To develop novel, proteome-specific databases to form part of 1) above, delivered as Grid and/or Web services, as well as browser-based user interfaces. These will be:
    • A repository for experimental proteome data
    • A proteome protein identification server and database
    • A phosphoproteome specific database
  4. To develop middleware and support to enable distributed querying, workflows and other integrated data analysis tasks across this range of novel and existing proteome databases
  5. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the resulting infrastructure through a series of systematic studies in proteomics, including clients for the visualisation of proteomic data, analyses for fungal species of industrial interest, and protein structural/functional trends in experimental proteomics